Camp Haitus

I have a lot on my mind and too much on my plate.

Today starts a summer job: I'll be a counselor at an arts and crafts summer camp. It's been so long since I've worked only in the summer. I feel like a college student again! I'll drive down to DC for orientation and then have a week of training before starting the actual work.

I wanted to take this job for a few reasons:

1. Being new to the area, I wanted to meet more people.

2. I love teaching, and I've never had the chance to teach what I really and truly love: arts and crafts.

3. It's been a while since I've taught kids and I wanted to have that experience again. When I've been around kids in the past, it's brought so much joy and hilarity to my life. I love their honesty and how exciting everything is to them.

4. I wanted to get a little extra $$ to finish up my college loan, save for my dream vacation (can I finally have a honeymoon, please???!!) and maybe actually start a savings account :-P

At first it was extremely difficult to get used to working from home. With that luxury comes getting distracted by fun things (TV shows, reading random blogs, going for long bike rides) and duties (laundry, cleaning, cooking, baking cookies) instead of doing my actual work. Oh, and I also wear PJs most of the day. Try to feel productive in's not an easy task.

Now, I feel extremely chill. And right when it gets to be feeling ok to be at home and work, I've got to get used to another work environment.

I think I'm more nervous for the traffic than anything else. I'm sharing a car with Inwook (my husband) and so we'll both be leaving early to battle the rat race. I'll drop him off and then pray that I can make it to this camp thing on time. It helps that I got an EZpass for the toll roads. But man, DC traffic is the worst!

I suppose I'm writing this to warn you all, I might seem a little absent art-wise, as I'll be spending most of my day making crafts with kiddos, instead of working on my own craft. I suppose I'm also nervous that my skills will suffer a bit. I've been constant with painting and drawing for a year now, without a break. Maybe that's good for me?

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