Be Original, Make Affordable

I loved connecting with some new people up at Artomatic in Frederick. During our conversations, I came across two valuable phrases:

1. Be original? Buy original

2. Make original art affordable art

I consider myself an average-jane kind of consumer. I budget, I am careful not to eat out 5 nights a week (I've scaled back to twice a week), and I relish a fat bank account. For all that saving, though, my walls are bare and white, and I've been increasingly desiring to fill them up!

Since I'm a poor artist, trying to make my way, and get my name out, (because we're all trying to make a living, people) I don't have copious amounts of cash ready to blow on original art. In the past, I would simply settle for prints, or weird, cheap, mass-produced canvases featuring quotes from Target. (Sorry, Target.)

Now that I'm making original art and wanting to spread it around, I can see the value of owning something made from scratch. It's immensely satisfying to hold in your hands something beautiful, something carefully crafted, and knowing you're the only one in the world with this treasure.

A new friend of mine, Watson, further impressed upon me this idea of buying original art. Don't settle for a cheap print. If it's high quality, and there is no original available, by all means, don't let me judge you! And I'm not judging really, I'm encouraging. Take a second look at what art is: an expression of life, in this moment in time.

Artists - make some affordable art, now and then. Maybe that means making it tinier or faster? Whatever method will get a broader range of clients. They'll thank you for it.

Art-lovers - save your pennies for a piece of art that's original. You'll be proud of it, and appreciate it all the more.

*Steps off of soap-box*

Marni Manning - Artist

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