Sorry, April

So I let a whole month go by without posting to this blog. Shame on me!

HOWEVER, in my defence, I just moved from South Korea to my parents house and then again from their house to our own place (mine and Inwook's.) As I type this, the evil upstairs neighbor dog is thundering around. I'm really regretting this apartment on the 1st floor.

We moved, we started life all over again. Funny thing is, I've done all of this before - which is a story longer than I care to tell that includes Canada and spending too much money. Two years older, and hopefully wiser, we are finally in our own apartment, with our few possessions, and the dust of moving has settled. Now, I have to maneuver finding friend groups and a community all over again...

I've enjoyed this different pace, but it's alarming as well. I work from home now, and I get to do art all day. That's fantastic! But any change is uncomfortable for me, so although I know it's good, it has yet to feel good.

I have two awesome opportunities on the horizon: Artomatic Frederick, which starts next week and runs for a month, and an art summer camp possibility. The summer camp would be amazing because I love kids, teaching, and making them do crafts. Every other teaching job I've had, I've taught knitting or weaving or painting for the "extra activity." Never fails, crafting always wins.

Artomatic is an art show for any artist in the surrounding area, to enter and exhibit their art. This is my first official show and I'm very excited to dive in! I set up last week with my mom, we painted my wall and hung pictures. Since it's an old building and the walls looked unforgiving, I thought I'd give command strips a try - - big mistake!!! Several pictures fell and one frame's glass broke. It was very stressful because I'm an hour away, so there's no quick fix or cleanup. On the third try, I went for hammer, nails, and screws, and I'm crossing my fingers that everything stays in place for a month.

April was an overwhelming month, with moving and all that comes with that (I have yet to get my car re-registered and titled...sigh) entering an Art show, figuring out life again in the States. I'm looking forward to May, with better weather, new friends, and much, much more art!

Marni Manning - Artist

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