Painters Block

I read a book recently, given to me by a coworker. It's called The War on Art by Steven Pressfield. Sounds intense, doesn't it? It was.

This author is normally a writer of fiction, and even he admits that producing this book came with a mountain of writer's block and self-doubt. You can even find the traces of his love for fiction because he presents the main idea, "Resistance," as a living, breathing antagonist.

I found the book to be an easy read, with short chapters. Of course it is - if you're somebody who suffers from a short attention span, he took that into account and made the sections easy to digest.

It was entertaining, in that he keeps the reader glued to the "storyline." How, as artists, we are all battling this enemy, Resistance.

Mostly, it kicked up my motivation game, striking a chord in my heart, and helping me promise myself: no matter what comes in my day, I can always find time to create.

[Click the title of the book to find it through amazon, hardcover, paperback, or kindle. Happy making!]

Marni Manning - Artist

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