March Desktop

I have had the wildest ride, this February into March. As you might know, I quit my job in Korea, flew back to the States with a good friend (who will be staying with me for three months), was robbed of well over $1000, which seriously dampened my spirits - and the whole time I just wanted to get started on this art thing!

I'm almost there: I bought a printer, archival ink, the perfect printmaking paper, ordered business's really happening! I was preparing all year long in 2015 for just this. I wanted to open my shop and really start interacting with all of you who have been so supportive of me. I want to share my art!

I didn't paint for a good two weeks, but I knew I needed to pick up the brush because of the new month. So, happy March, all! (Click the picture to be directed to the download.)

Marni Manning - Artist

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