The Music that Moves Me

Something I haven't talked much about but gather the most inspiration from is...Music! Most of my skeleton couple drawings are made after a mad dance session to some of my favorite (musical) artists' work.

A few of the people who really get my creative gears grinding: (click on their names to have a listen on youtube!)

This man is encompassing the kind of music I find perfect right now. He's got blues. He's got folk. His guitar licks are simple but entrancing. His voice has a rasp and higher register that glides over the notes. I love that he writes his own songs. He's number one on my list because I've made so many drawings from his music.

(Album art by the musician's mother, Raine Hozier-Byrne)

I love this band! Perhaps not so well known, but nonetheless, amazing! I have a connection to them as well, since the lead vocalist/guitarist is the son of the guy who was the director of my theatre department in college - whew! - confusing? It's ok. I'm just proud to say that I've seen them perform live. The thing that counts is, his vocals, his mesmerizing melodies, and the fact that it sounds like some good ole' boys jamming on the back porch in the summertime. Except it's also classy...? Yes, It's confusing. But so much love for them.

(Album art by artist Katie Daisy.)

This guy. More than having a great voice, he has a real voice. His melodies are usually minor sounding, or simple enough that the sweetness isn't aggravating. I love how he plays guitar, much like the movie "August Rush," where you lay the guitar flat across your lap and beat the strings as percussion and music. "Old Pine," "Wolves," "Only Love," "Keep Your Head Up" - I can listen to his music again and again. I haven't gotten tired yet.

(Album art was designed by Owen Tozer, based on photography by Mickey Smith and Roddy Bow)

I was hooked when I first heard his song "Poor Man's Son" with his siblings. Incredibly talented writer, fascinating performer, and most important: folk-twinged. His music does an interesting thing: using simple lyrics to question age-old tradition/religion.

(Album art by Ben Blood)

"Completely Not Me" - I haven't listened to much of her other stuff, but got stuck on this song when I heard it through an episode of HBO's "Girls." Fun and danceable.

"Her Morning Elegance" - same with this artist, I didn't fall in love with all of his songs, just this one. The music video is an adorable stop-motion story. I have yet to make art directly inspired by this song...but perhaps that's something I'll work on next.

Since I'm always looking for new music, feel free to leave a comment of your favorite singers or bands - I'd love to hear from you!

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