Today was the last day of work at my job here in Korea. Both of my classes gave me goodbye gifts and a little coffee and cake party to send me off. It was the perfect farewell.

As much as I've been hurt at times, by random comments, culture shock, or feelings of isolation, I know that I did the best that I could. I was never trained as a teacher, but I worked hard to know how to communicate my lessons and make my students feel valued. I wanted to encourage each one in their English-learning journey, that they have the ability to improve and communicate, regardless of mistakes and culture differences.

As I was wrapping up each class, I felt touched that they would celebrate our short 6-weeks together. How blessed am I to have students say, "I will miss you!" and "I love you, teacher!"

This season is supposed to end now. As I sitting here typing, warm sunshine is pouring over my laptop - spring is coming. My life is going to be shifting, a bit more drastically than the coming warm weather. I'll get on a plane and go back to my country. I'll have tears, I'm sure. And relief for the bad parts ending too.

I'm coming to a place in life where I want certain experiences to linger. Each year feels like it's speeding up and flying by. I know I'll find myself suddenly middle-aged and longing for younger days. In this moment, I'm enjoying the sun and basking in the warm wishes from my students.

Thank you, all~

Marni Manning - Artist

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