More art crushes

Seriously crushing on these three artists right now:

Nancy Liang from Australia - She does a lot of collage and GIF animations. Amazing! I love how she keeps everything so crisp and includes little squiggly pencil shadows. It's so cozy and I want to explore these little towns! Also, inspires me to dip my toes into collage.

You-jin from South Korea - This girl, I was instantly glued to her, from the moment I stumbled across her on Instagram. I have liked every single one of her pieces on her feed, I'm not even joking. Her style is simple, with mostly muted colors, but her character's faces are sweet and thoughtful. I begged her to let me buy a piece from her, and she agreed to selling a JPEG file to me. Thank you, You-jin!

Katrin Coetzer from South Africa - I found her early this year and was struck by how delicate her details are. For the most part, her subjects are simple, but always organized in a way that is extremely aesthetically pleasing. Her colors are soft and soothing. I love that she uses what looks like gold glitter in some of her pieces. I'm stuck on her! Great, yeah?

Marni Manning - Artist

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