What's with all the skeletons?!

Some of you have noticed (and even complained) that you don't agree with my subject matter. That's ok. Actually, I think the skulls and skeletons I make are quite tame compared to other art that's out there! There is some seriously dark stuff out there, if you care to find it!

I draw skeletons for a few reasons.

1. It's fun to draw bones on a black background. I think anatomy is fascinating.

2. In an effort to keep my work universal, I want my subjects to reflect something that each person can relate to. We all have a skeleton, underneath our skin. So really, it can't be all that scary.

3. I am drawn to making pieces that remind the viewer of their mortality. This life is short and precious. We are living yes, but we are actually all dying, every day, a little closer to the end. What are you doing with this precious life?

Maybe my work hasn't made you think so deep as all that, but it's my thought process while making. Of course, I try to combat it by using bright colors as well.

This isn't an apology, in the least. I will continue to make the art that comes out, and do my best not to censor for the sake of other peoples' tastes. I want to please people, yes, but I want to be true to my creativity and the workings of my mind.

Marni Manning - Artist

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