Wherever you find yourself in this new year, I hope you’ve started out well, and been able to keep those resolutions! For those of you like me, I offer you some encouragement for your failed attempts at starting fresh.

I used to get all revved up for every January 1st, 12:00 am, with a list of ways that I was going to be a better person.

-Be kinder to people

-Save more money

-Write in my journal every day

-Stop biting my nails

-Take more walks

Look familiar?

We all have lists. These lists linger at the corners of our minds, eating away at our thoughts, “Once you do this, you’ll be happy, you’ll be better…you’ll be complete.”

Did you ever make a New Year’s resolution last all year?

Me neither.

So, I present to you: Throw Out the List and Just Try to Do Something Positive for Yourself Every Day.

This happened this year on my birthday. I was ecstatic to be queen for a day, to be blessed with well wishes and gifts from friends, and I felt all fresh and new, a new year of my life, ready to begin.

But how did I get this feeling? What was so magical about November 10th? Or January 1st, for that matter?

Nothing is magical - except the positive thinking it takes to get your mind focused on and achieving your goal.

This New Years, don’t upset yourself by coming up with an impossible list to accomplish for the year, which only fizzles out by February 1st. Look at each day like a fresh start. Give yourself some grace to have an off-day. Then get back up and keep shining.

Marni Manning - Artist

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