10 Little Lessons I've Learned

In just a short year, I feel like I've gone from zero to 100 (although in actuality, it's probably more like zero to 10. I have much more to learn.)

Nevertheless, here are some valuable tidbits I want to share:

1. Make art every day, regardless of the quality.

2. But on the flip side, go for quality over quantity in a day (don't push too hard - shoot for one piece a day.)

3. Listen to your favorite music / watch your favorite TV show / favorite movie / chat with your favorite people. Positive surroundings help the art come out easier.

4. Drink a lot of tea or water. It's fun to have a ritual of a snack or special drink before you work. (RASPBERRY TEA AND CHOCOLATE MINT TEA, I LOVE YOU)

5. Don't judge yourself on today's work. Look for progress.

6. Don't judge yourself period.

7. Go outside sometimes. It's easy to get glued to your chair and want to chain-make (think chain-smoke.) Go out, breathe in, breathe out, take a walk or a bike ride and appreciate what is around you, sans electronics or paper.

8. If you're getting stuck on subject matter, Google "art challenges." But don't feel like you have to stick to one. If you hate Day 13, skip it! Almost no one will notice.

9. When you get scared of a medium, it means you have to try it. I go back and forth with colored pencils and watercolor. When I do one, I always think, "This is THE ONE!" but then I get burned out and go back to the other. When I'm in one medium, I begin doubting my skills in the other. Keep switching it up to keep it fresh! That means, oil paints, I'm coming for you...!

10. Don't be afraid to show your art to people. If you have a Blog, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr account, post your stuff, unabashedly. Usually the likes lend the extra confidence you need to keep going.

Marni Manning - Artist

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