Gift-giving and FREE GIFT TAGS

Hi friends! With less than a week left until Christmas, I'm sure you've got a ton on your plate (Christmas cookies too, hopefully??) I wanted to give you a gift to help you out - I painted these little tags just for you ^_^

I took a regular brown paper bag - which happened to be from Starbucks, but any old paper grocery bag will do - a few strands of string, and one of my little painted tags. (The berries I stole from a bush outside.) Cute, yeah? And almost entirely free! Most of you have string and brown paper bags lying around your house somewhere, right?

I think Christmas is difficult enough, with the need to give to everyone on your list. Wrapping paper and trimmings shouldn't be weighing you down too.

Click on the picture of the tags (below) to get a link for downloading. Just print off the tags and you'll be ready to start wrapping!

(Please remember to use these tags only for personal purposes, not for resale. Thank you!)

Marni Manning - Artist

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