Not Holly Jolly

It's especially difficult to appreciate Christmas living in an Asian country, where Christinity has only recently become a large part of the culture. Christmas and our western New Years holiday come in second to the traditional holiday that comes in early February, "Sul-nal," (aka Korea's New Years.)

I am, however, celebrating the season through my art. I'm thoroughly enjoying this Nordic theme and playing with pencils and gouache. I have dreams of a children's story book...something wintry...

Have you ever read this book? The Wild Christmas Reindeer was a book I kept as a child, and read over and over. I never realized until this year, how much an impact this illustration had on me. I've always been drawn to Swedish, Scandanavian, and Russian folk art. Seeing this brings back sweet childhood memories. I also adore A Christmas Carol, and The Polar Express - by far the best. How about you? What are your favorite Christmas stories?

This is my rendition of Christmas reindeer ^^

Marni Manning - Artist

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