...Seems to hit at the oddest times.

If you're a fellow creative, then maybe you've also falled victim to sudden sparks of genius. This will happen suddenly and inconveniently - like when you're falling asleep in bed. More often than that, I get ideas while I'm at work. Not the time or place to whip out a pencil and sketch something up.

I will confess, but I hate to admit it - in the case that my boss would read this - but I've even stooped to scribbling something while my students are deep in a grammar activity. Teaching English as a second language comes quite naturally to me, so after explaining the Present Continuous tense for the 5th time in a week, my mind tends to wander.

I've ruined the back of several lesson plans and attendance sheets to satisfy Ms. Muse, before she runs away. I notice Lady Inspiration doesn't come calling while I'm sitting at home, paintbrush poised, quiet and ready to make.

Marni Manning - Artist

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