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Stamp Glory

December 7, 2015



Ok, I went a little stamp crazy...


I've been wanting to try carving stamps for a while. Since I started following a particular artist on Instagram (whose stamps are amazing!) I knew I had to try it myself. Since she's obviously been arting for far longer than I have, it's a bit embarrassing to show my attempt at stamp-making while making a reference to her masterpieces.


But here you go!


I saw some oversized erasers and wood carving tools at my local arts and crafts store. I don't care that it's not even the right materials, and that the stamps are quite crude, and that my fingertips have tiny nicks...I was overjoyed that I didn't have to wait until I move back to the States to have access to some kind of materials and give this a try!




 My little collection:


Once I open up shop, I hope to beautify the packages with these cute carvings and more!

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