Art Crush

I am in love with a new artist!

I'm constantly scouring the internet looking for inspiration. I like to find artists and illustrators whom I can relate to, whether we work in similar mediums or have similar subject matter.

It's no secret that I still dearly love:

Stacey Rozich and her fantastical creatures. Forever. She works mainly in watercolor (sometime gouache?) and her crazy concepts are mesmerizing. I'm always perusing her work and searching her instagram for new pieces.

Becca Stadtlander makes beautiful landscapes. She is a gouache painter and I love the way she combines colors. She has a bit of a Grandma Moses style, which I love. Very old-American folksy.

Since I've recently gotten back into colored pencils, I'm really crushing on Lieke van der Vorst. She's an artist from the Netherlands. I so respect how she uses brights colors and white space. She allows negative space to shine through and it adds another element to her landscape scenes. These days, she depicts a lot of gardens and being outside...very romantical. I would kill to live her little life!

As for my new favorite (this week...who knows when I'll get a new art-crush!)

Vladyslav Yerko illustrated The Snow Queen and it's breathtaking. Take a look at this detail! Maybe my style will morph into hyper-detailed goodness, but for now I'm happy just to admire it.

Marni Manning - Artist

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