Rainy Days are for Art

Last weekend the rain barrelled down, the sun shown all week long, and then the rain came again. And I'm so happy for it.

With illustrating, most of my days are spent inside. A year ago, I was out traipsing in the woods, watching too much TV, and feeling at a loss. Now that art has found me again, I'm still watching entirely too much television, but I'm longing for the outdoors and feeling guilty for not getting outside. This is a self-inflicted pining and guilt. I could easily go outside and enjoy the good weather. In fact, that's a birthday resolution I have made, and so far, I've failed.

I'm not chained to my desk. No one is forcing me. But when I'm not at my day job, I'm drawn to my desk because I have ideas that need to flow out of my fingers. It's a choice, I know.

It's when a rainy day comes that I can breathe easier, knowing that today, my choice has been made for me. And I can enjoy my brushes and paint and pencils until I sleep.

Marni Manning - Artist

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