My husband and I have been waiting for over a year to complete the process of obtaining a US visa. I'm an American citizen and he's from Korea, so it's up to me to petition and sponsor him. That means, hours of paperwork, with months to wait, to see if we have a chance at life in the States.

We live in Korea now, which has been what we needed..but I've been wanting to leave for a while.

I have moved to Korea three times: first to Gwangju in 2011, second to Jinju in 2013, and a third (and hopefully final) time, to Jinju again in 2014. Same city as before, same job, but with a tad more shame.

The third time living here has been the most difficult. Culture pain is a real thing. If you're an interenational couple, I know you understand. The pressure to be fluent in a language that I only started learning two years ago, the requirement of going to holiday events, and especially the adjustment of marrying into a new family.

I've become so disenchanted with Korea - I need a break. I was in a bad place last summer, but as we've drawn closer to our finish line (February), I've been able to shed some of the sadness so I can enjoy the good things before I go.

Thursday morning is our interview for a US visa. This will determine whether we can enter the States immediately after finishing my contract here. Oh, I want it! I'm praying each day for fewer nerves and more peace that the paperwork is complete and we will succeed.

Marni Manning - Artist

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