Yep, that's right: I'm a November baby! But so are a million other people because their parents got high on chocolate 9 months prior, on Valentine's Day. Hehehe.

I'm 27 now. I got a birthday package from my mom and she wrote me the loveliest note. At the end of it, she said, "I'm now 2x your age. I was 27 when you were born." That really took me aback. I knew that she was 24 when she had my older sister, but I forgot that I would one day be "her age." Now that I'm 27, it's feels weird to think about being mature enough and married and capable of raising a child. I'm still only 17 in my mind.

Some people let the new year roll by to make resolutions and recollect what the previous year brought. For me, I like to reflect on my birthday. How was 26? Better than 25 for sure! I made some new wonderful friends here in Jinju, I let some friendships go. My life is becoming simpler, or at least that's what I want to happen.

I'm about to embark on so many challenges in my 27th year. Some things I know will happen, and other events are a mystery. Once again, Inwook and I will move to a new place, start over, set up house, and settle in. It will be the 3rd time in 2 years of marriage. I know it's going to be a fresh, fun adventure, but I'm not sure that I'll handle it gracefully. I need to pray for courage during 27. I can feel it.


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