Happy November! (free desktop download)

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There's no other month I love better than November. It's the month of my birthday, there's the anticipation of Christmas and preparing gifts for my friends and family, and I LOVE a good excuse to throw away my razor. That's right, folks, this will be my 3rd official year observing No Shave-November aka Movember! That might really gross you out, but for me, it's oh so comfortable. And I'm not wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts this time of year anyway.

So, in honor of that, here is a little gift I made for all of my readers - please enjoy this silly hipster making a scarf out of his beard. This sketch isn't just art, it's also useful (!) because it's a calendar. Just click the photo and you'll be taken to a page where you can hit download and enjoy! Maybe this will be a friendly, constant reminder to PUT DOWN THAT RAZOR. :-)

Have a wonderful month, full of crunchy leaves, long beards, and hot cups of tea or coffee (whatever you prefer.)

Marni Manning - Artist

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