As part of this illustrator's challenge I'm working through, one in particular suggests creating a logo for a website header, or possibly for business cards. I find this incredibly daunting. When I stop to think about all of my imagination, my work, everything that represents what's going on in my head and the potential of it coming out of my fingertips, I'm overwhelmed. What figure, shape, or object could ever encompass all of me? I decided to swallow my fear and just get on with it. Whatever comes out, comes out. That's a mantra I keep force-feeding myself these days.

In fact, I find it so easy to let fear overcome my desire to create, that some days I walk away from my desk, leaving paper, paint, and pencils unused.

My coworker lent me a book called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It's a book to inspire creative minds to hurdle their fears and let their work flow through them, to create and be proud, and to impress the world with your work. Not that whatever I'm doing is going to reach the whole world (I wish!) but this book is serving as an excellent kick in the pants to stop delaying projects. I highly recommend it, whether you're a maker of music, art, words, or even trying to stick to a better lifestyle.

I've got enough on my plate - working, making art, studying Korean and German, not to mention I'm trying to keep a house clean and well-stocked with food (thank you, Inwook for being my personal chef these days!) I can find so many other things to do besides my to-do list - I'm looking at you, Instagram and Youtube.

Pressfield makes a point of saying that even while trying to start this book, he was run down by his own fears. He had tremendous self-doubt in writing a non-fiction book, when he was only known for his fictional works. He was procrastinating about procrastinating. Fortunately for me, he finished the text. As I'm reading, he's helping me see the great benefits of being disciplined about art. Discipline = yuck, am I right? It's ok. It's medicine I'll swallow so I can be proud of what I accomplished.

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