Americana is my home

Living abroad always has a downside. One of the biggest is homesickness. Korea makes me miss real pizza, my parents, driving a car, having a casual converastin with strangers (because Americans are friendly, for the most part.) But now that Korea has been my home, when I'm in the US, I'm homesick for my Asian lifestyle. America makes me miss bipbimbap, traveling every weekend, riding my bike and walking everywhere so I'm in fantastic shape, and always being confronted with another language - it keeps my brain sharp.

Each place has me thinking about only the best qualities of the other. I romanticize the heck out the place I am not in. I can see it leaking into my work these days. I'm proud to be an American (are you singing the song in your head, too?) and I love my culture. Yes, America has culture :-P

Being outside is a big part of my culture that I'm craving. In North Carolina, we have good trees and grass. There are wider fields and open spaces, mountains, and beaches. The houses are actual houses, not apartment complexes. Yards are private and a walk in the woods can happy every day, it's so convenient. When you travel to the mountains, there are mountain friends that have mountain barns and they hold dances after dark with fiddles and banjos and romance. This part of me is so American. I suppose when I can't have it, I draw it.

Marni Manning - Artist

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