This year, I leapt blindly into the illustration world, enthralled with a new way to express all my pent-up creativity. I still have much more to explore as far as media go, but a little guilt still nags at me - I used to be a costume design and my sewing needle has sat idle too long.

I was inspired by a handful of artists and makers on instagram who were doing embroidery on cardstock. I love that idea! I always felt embroidery on fabric was cumbersome and I was annoyed having to work with a hoop. If this is your main method of making, power to you!

I started with a few sketches of farmhouses, painted a watercolor background, and then went to work! It’s delightful to work with a needle and thread on paper, with clean, specific lines.

One of my friends happens to be Japanese, and she is also married to a Korean guy. I wanted to gift her something beautiful and also be a reminder of her home. I love how this turned out! I made three more immediately. This combines my love affair with travel and art...I have big plans for more countries and their landmarks!

Marni Manning - Artist

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