Hozier - a Love Affair

Hozier had me since I heard his first melancholey chords in “Take Me to Church” which was featured in an ad for a Korean perfume. Weird how such a beautiful song could find it’s way into a random beauty ad in Asia…

Another challenge from my illustrator’s challenge list suggested that I create something while listening to a song. Since I had recently become obsessed with the song “From Eden,” that was my first choice.

then, I ventured into the first Hozier song I ever heard…

Finally, I landed on “Work Song,” - which is an absolutely mesmerizing music video. Go watch it. Now.

My mother wasn’t a huge fan on the skulls, but dammit it’s fulfilling to sketch a skeleton in colored pencils. Sorry Mom, it’s just what came out!

I love exploring this early-American, country-life, farmhouse style. I’m drawn to a lot of artists who have a skewed way of drawing perspective (or maybe just a lack of drawing in perspective.) I’m also loving bright colors, patterns, and night skies with constellations. And colored pencils are loving me these days.

"From Eden"

"Take Me to Church"

"Work Song"

Marni Manning - Artist

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