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Original commissioned portraits in the style shown
Painted on Aquarelle Arches Watercolor paper


Starting price point: $200
Each additional person is $25

Each additional pet is $20

Each additional element is $20


By selecting the items in the drop down menus, your final price will be automatically calculated for you, pre-tax and pre-shipping


Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. I recommended selecting "Priority Shipping" at checkout, to ensure safe handling in transit.


Check out my "about" page for praise from previous clients:


As the portraits are usually painted in vertical orientation, the more people added, the more crowded the painting becomes. If you have more than 6 people to include in your painting, please contact me to discuss these details further.

-The birds featured act as symbols of your birthplace or heritage, or another meaningful place. These are not considered "Pets"

-These portraits are rendered in my own folk-style, with girls usually wearing full skirts and boys in old-fashioned attire. These are the outfits for your characters, unless specified otherwise.

As you complete your order, please answer the questions listed, so that I may know more about you and paint something personal and meaningful.


If you find that your answers are longer than the space given, please send me a separate message. I'll also be asking for reference photos so that I may accurately portray the subjects.

Portrait Commission

# of People +$25
# of Pets +$20
Heritage Details - Birds +$20
Heritage Details - Flags +$20
Heritage Details - Flowers +$20