If you are looking for receive your pet portrait before Christmas, please add the +$50 commission rush order to your cart. The deadline for Christmas gift commissions is Dec 11.Original commissioned watercolor pet portraitRoughly 7 x 9 " with a deckled edge, Aquarelle Arches Watercolor PaperPets are close to our hearts. What better way to celebrate or commemorate them than by getting an original portrait of your dearly-beloved furry friend.First, please choose which color you would like the name ribbon to be.You may also choose a flower to accent your pet, as seen in the example photos above. If your favorite flower is not on the list, please choose "other." When we communicate over email about reference pictures and particulars, you may suggest your flower/plant of choice then.Please keep in mind these each plant or flower has a special meaning. If there is another plant you would prefer, please let me know. I've found the information in the link below especially accurate:http://www.treehugger.com/lawn-garden/language-flowers-herbs-and-trees-plants-meanings.html

Pet Portrait Commission

Flower / Plant
  • These are the meanings of the plants and flowers I have listed:

    Aloe - healing, protection, affection
    Basil - good wishes
    Carnation - grief
    Chrysanthemum - cheerfulness
    Daisy - Innocence, hope
    Fern - Sincerity
    Forget-me-not - (self-explanatory)
    Goldenrod - encouragement
    Holly - hope
    Ivy - friendship, continuity
    Lavender - devotion
    Morning glory - affection
    Nasturtium - patriotism
    Oak - strength
    Pine - joy
    Poppy - consolation
    Sweet Pea - pleasure
    Thyme - courage, strength
    Violet - loyalty, devotion
    Yarrow - everlasting love
    Zinnia - thoughts of absent friends

  • Red - warmth, love, boldness
    Orange - cheerfulness, enthusiasm, creativity
    Yellow - comfort, happiness, liveliness
    Green - reliability, calm, safety, honesty
    Blue - peace, loyalty, trust
    Lavender (purple) - power, royalty, elegance
    Black - sophistication, power, strength
    Grey - traditionalism, intelligence, sincerity
    Brown - earthy, authenticity, endurance
    Pink - love, caring, nurture

Marni Manning - Artist

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