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When your loved one lives far but you're still talking every day...

When you and your best friend have been apart for years and reconnect, it's like no time has passed...

When your heart lives on the other side of the world, distance doesn't matter.


Get this special, limited edition, customized print to celebrate your long-distance relationships or your love for travel!


This listing is for a:


Print of an original hand-lettered painting

Paper is from the 1987 Reader's Digest Atlas (limited supply)


Select the region you wish to purchase on the drop-down menu

(PLEASE NOTE EACH PRINT IS TOTALLY UNIQUE - your print will look different from the examples above, but still include the hand-lettering on a map-page.)



Atlas Print 10x14"

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  • I'll do my best to accomodate your requests, but since I'm using a 1987 Atlas to create these customized / unique prints, there is a limited number of countries / paper. Sometimes your preference will not be available - whether region or color - in which case, I'll reach out to let you know and you can make another selection. Thank you~