Professionally bound poetry book


Illustrations by Marni Manning

Poetry by A.C. O'Dell


A.C. created various poems on her vintage Smith-Corona typewriter, Edna, at her poetry pop-up events up and down the east coast of the US, and this chapbook is a look back on those poems, from 2018 to 2019. A.C. pens poetry on-the-spot for customers passing by. Some pages are written for specific people, as you'll see their names listed, but the sentiments are universal.


Losing a beloved pet, outer space, and a praying mantis attack - this book touches on a variety of subjects while still conveying A.C.'s unique voice.


"All the Heals," is a wonderful coffee table staple as well as an excellent gift to have on hand for your holiday White Elephant gift exchanges. Give the gift of art and pick up a copy of A.C. and Marni's labor of love.



"All the Heals" Poetry Book


    Marni Manning - Artist

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