POW!WOW!DC International Mural Festival 2019

Marni was invited to participate in the 2019 Washington, DC chapter of POW!WOW! She and 16 other artists (8 local, 8 international) each created an original mural in the NOMA neighborhood. Marni's mural, measuring 12x50', is titled "Dead Ends," and represents the following: Marni's personal journey in setting boundaries and also pushing back against society's out-dated expectations of women. Marni's mural will be on display until the next festival in 2020, and is located on the Metropolitan Branch Trail, near the NOMA-Gallaudet U red line metro station. Click here for the list of 2019 sponsors

City Winery Washington, DC's Chalkboard Art

Marni was commissioned by local restaurant / music venue City Winery to design and draw illustrations that represented Washington DC. The Washington Monument, vines of ivy, a musical line from the song "The Bourgeois Blues" by Leadbelly, a woodthrush (DC's official bird), and the Washington DC flag adorning the backsplash of City Winery's wine-on-tap bar. Marni used chalkpens in various colors on black-painted wood to achieve this chalkboard art look. You can see her progress video here.

DC United + Heineken's Man of the Match

Marni was commissioned by Heineken to customize an electric guitar for DC United's "Man of the Match" in September 2018. Marni used spray paint, acrylics, and Sharpie marker to achieve an old-school, tattoo-inspired design, showcasing DC United's eagle emblem and Washington DC's official flag. Marni also added elements of her own style, like the "quilt" stars and the mountain.

Heurich House Museum's A-Frame Sign

Marni was commissioned by Washington DC's Heurich House Museum to design and paint an A-frame sign to greet guests on the street. Marni took inspiration from historical elements inside the house: tiled floors, oils paintings featuring vines and banners, and a coat-of-arms. The floral design, logo, and website were hand-painted and lettered, with acrylic paint and sealed with a matte finish. The center of the sign was lettered with a chalkpen, so as to allow changes to the sign, depending on the current event.

District Distilling Barrel Art

Marni was commissioned by Washington DC's District Distilling to paint their logo and elements relevant to the company on a distilling barrel. Juniper berries, flowers and vines, the Lincoln Theatre, and the distillery equipment used in District Distilling's space all feature on this wooden work of art.

City Winery, Live Demonstration -Wine Barrel Painting at WDG Event

Marni was asked back to the 3rd Annual District Night 2019 at WDG, to paint a wine barrel for City Winery's collection. Because City Winery DC is located in "Ivy City," Marni's design paid homage with ivy weaving around the barrel. She completed the barrel within 3 hours, as a featured artist performing a live demonstration.

City Winery Washington, DC's Fireplace Mini-Mural

Marni painted a mini-mural of a fire in the fireplace on City Winery's 3rd floor. She used acrylic paints and varnish.

City Winery's Hand-Lettered Wine Barrel Signs

Marni hand-painted lettering with acrylic on these wooden barrel heads, signs indicating the various areas in City Winery's venue. Marni was careful to match the font with the company's original logo.