In early 2018, Marni was inspired to create current content for a series focusing on her generation: Millennials; and namely, their obsession / addiction to technology and trends.
Marni exhibited these works with RAW Artists in Washington DC at the Howard Theatre, April 26, 2018, with Downtown Hershey's Culturefest in Hershey, PA, June 23, 2018, and with Cafe Nola in Frederick, MD, for the month of July 2018.


The Work

Dear Millennials [and their followers],


New, now, flashy, feisty, technologically obsessed, offensive, offended, living minimally, living in debt. These are the ways we survive. I am one; you are one; you birthed one; you hate one; you love one. The generation that learned the computer and doesn’t know how to unlearn the addiction. We’re ready for the next, the best, the brightest, and the coolest. Big hearts with even bigger emoticon arsenals. The future leaders of our country are tech-savvy and rarely satisfied. I love this generation. So much.


I was moved to create work that reflected my observance of and participation in this current age (specifically 2017-2018) and how I can pinpoint the joys and shames of my millennial culture.


My art seeks to represent the diversity of the US, but narrows the perspective and views it through a feminine lense. The females depicted here are strong and confident, whether naturally, or given a boost from their selfie filters.


You might identify with the snapchat character filters; the “Eye”Phones; climbing the social [media] ladder; the houseplants making you feel all at once close to nature as well as filling the void of childlessness. Whatever your experience, you are welcome here and you are celebrated.



With all the love my text and paintings can convey,

<3 <3 <3


-Marni Manning

Marni Manning - Artist

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