How do the portrait commissions work?

You'll use the order form in my shop to select the number of people, number of pets, whether you want heritage elements represented (with birds, flowers, or flags) and answer the questions about color preferences, clothing, and any other significant details. Once you place an order, you may send reference pictures (full-body shots to show height difference, clothing styles, and pet pictures including tails to detail all relevant, unique markings are the most helpful) to my email: marnimanningart@gmail.com

Once I receive all of your information - order form and reference photos - I will begin sketching and painting. Your portrait will be completed within 3 weeks, in which time you can choose to see the painting as a jpg file before I ship it to you, or if you'd rather be surprised, I'll send it right away. Usually, if the portrait has very specific / a copious amount of details, I prefer for you to see the portrait, so as to confirm that I've met your expectations.

I prefer shipping via USPS with Priority Mail, which handles your original painting with greater care than the cheaper First Class Mail. Please select "Priority Mail" with your order.

Can I use your designs as a tattoo?

Yes, I would be honored!


Granted, there are a few stipulations: I ask that any pre-made design that you'd like to use for a personal tattoo be used only as that. Your purchase of a design is not to be used for your small business nor as a logo, and if you'll reach out via email (marnimanningart@gmail.com) with a screenshot of the desired design, I can confirm that it's available for tattoo use. Each pre-made design costs $25; I'll send you an invoice for payment and then you can be on your way! 

If you choose to share images of the finished tattoo, please tag / credit my work on social media. I would love to see beautiful photos of your tattoo, so don't hesitate to share.

Can you design a tattoo, just for me?

Yes, I surely could! Depending on the complexity and color of the design, the price will vary.


A simple, original, black and white, line drawing is $65. You'll also receive the original line drawing in the mail, as well as a high-quality jpg for your tattoo artist to utilize.

An original, colored tattoo is $100. Just as with the line drawing, you'll receive the original painting in the mail and a high-quality jpg.

This image will belong to you, for tattoo use only, not for business / logo purposes.

Email me at marnimanningart@gmail.com if you're interested in an original tattoo design.

What kind of materials do you use?


For watercolor paintings: Arches Aquarelle watercolor blocks, paintbrushes ranging from size 0-2, and Shinhan watercolors (a Korean brand.)

For acrylic: whatever I can get my hands on! I love using Acryla-Gouache, too.

For chalkboard art: chalk markers, a chalk line (for making grids), and masking tape.

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